The Media Food Prices at SoFi Stadium for Copa America Matches Are Borderline Criminal

Listen, I'm usually not one to side with journalists when it comes to stadium food complaints. But that's because generally, someone is upset that the free soft serve machine in Cleveland is broken or something. It's exceedingly rare that a media member's complaint about stadium hospitality is valid. This, however, is highway fucking robbery.

Stan Kroenke has some balls, I'll tell you that much. I guess when none of the reporters coming to the stadium are covering his team, he doesn't mind brazenly fucking everyone. I'd have more respect for him if the bottom of that paper said, "Haha fuck you."

The media covering Copa America games in Los Angeles needs to go on a collective hunger strike. Either Kroenke makes the hot dogs and chicken tenders a reasonable price — hell, maybe we even consider giving away the shitty stadium food for free to people that are there to work — or South American journalists die. You choose, Stan.