Jim Schlossnagle Has Publicly Apologized To The Texas A&M Reporter He Lied To And Berated Less Than 24 Hours Before Taking The Texas Job

So we all know the story that Big T blogged yesterday about Jim Schlossnagle berating the Texas A&M reporter for even thinking about asking him a question about leaving for Texas, only to leave for Texas less than 24 hours later. I think the entire country can agree that you have two options in that instance:

1. Get upset with the reporter for asking the question because you're staying

2. Avoid the question in a roundabout way because you're leaving for Texas in less than 24 hours

But what you absolutely cannot do is get upset with the reporter and then leave. And that's exactly what Jim Schlossnagle did. And because he looks like the biggest ass clown in college sports this morning, he had to apologize in his introductory press conference at Texas today.

As an unbiased observer, I really have zero problem with him going to Texas. But I cannot wrap my brain around why he would respond to the reporter in the way he did, knowing damn well he was leaving as soon as the interview ended. I do appreciate the apology, as you don't always get that, but need one in the first place? Why not just beat around the bush and say you're only focused on what just happened and the group of guys you just went to battle with? Even if that tips your hand, you were gone by morning anyways. But going from 0 to 100 and then bolting for Austin makes you look fucking dumb! 

And he doubled down on looking dumb by explaining what "changed" within the time period in which he decided to go to Texas.

Can we all just admit that Texas threw a fucking bag at him? If he came out today and said he lashed out because he lost and didn't know how to lie to the reporters, and he's going to Texas because he thinks the contract and facilities and situation is better than what he had at A&M, I think he'd be exonerated of all charges. Maybe even from those in College Station. But to act like his friendship with the AD is why he left, good grief….this guy sucks.