Stephen A Smith Is Now "Reporting" That The Suns Want Out Of The Kevin Durant Business Immediately

Christian Petersen. Getty Images.

Oh hell yes! Let's go baby! The offseason has truly arrived as far as I'm concerned. Once you get to a #SourceOff between Stephen A Smith and Suns media in regards to Kevin Durant

you know we're off and running. Add in all the prior beef between KD and Stephen A and in my opinion, this just makes things even better. Of course, this all stems from the Woj bombs we got last night involving the Suns/Nets/Rockets which if I'm being honest nobody could even figure out what the hell Woj was even saying when he unloaded his drafts


I'm willing to concede that maybe it's just my moron brain, but you start dropping 1,000 word tweets mentioning picks from all these different years mixed with all these different teams and it's simply impossible to understand what the hell Woj is talking about. I saw all that shit in real time last night and figured it made more sense to just wait for someone to give us the TLDR: version. There is zero chance you read those tweets and can follow everything and understand the whole scenario. Zero.

But I wonder, is this some sort of groundbreaking reporting by Stephen A? I suppose? Or, is he just reading what Woj has already given us?

Yeah no shit, if a team is going to make a blockbuster trade with the Suns, it probably prefers the guy who is only 27 and currently has this left on his deal

I'm just not sure why the Suns would go this route. I know their owner is a disaster who is showing no signs of understanding how to run a successful franchise, but it seems a bit crazy you go all in like they did just last summer only to pull the plug one year later? Sure you could recoup your draft capital that you gave up, but so what? You trade Booker or KD and you're cooked. It's a wrap for you in a conference that is only getting better next season. Remember, the Grizzlies won't have all of their players injured for the season anymore. Wemby is coming. The Rockets are coming. 


If the Suns weren't planning on trying to contend, why did they fire their coach? If you thought that guy stunk and couldn't win, then why not keep him while you blow it up to ensure a tank? You don't bring in Coach Bud, someone with championship experience only to no longer decide you want to contend for championships. Granted they fired a coach who also won a title after one year, so maybe the Suns are just beyond saving? Time will tell.

Look, this certainly isn't the first time Stephen A went on TV and said some crazy shit about KD. We all remember what happened last time

and seeing as how we also know KD is always online and sees and hears everything, the only thing left to do is just wait for his response, because you know it's coming.