Tennessee Pitcher Kirby Connell Needed a New Lucy Pouch Before Entering the Final Game of the National Championship Series

Coach needs you to get hot quickly to be able to come into the winner-take-all game to end the College World Series. Biggest moment of your career. But first: gotta pop in a new Lucy.

This is so perfect from Kirby Connell. If you don't watch college baseball and aren't familiar with the lore of Connell aka Vollie Fingers, just know he's an all-time vibes guy. I would say it's virtually impossible to have a handlebar mustache and not have top-notch vibes.

I would guess I was like pretty much every Tennessee fan in being pretty nervous in the 8th and 9th inning when Texas A&M brought the tying run to the plate on multiple occasions, but I'm glad to see the team wasn't too fazed by the moment. Just gotta go pop in a new pouch real quick, get on the mound and get the last few outs to win a national title. Easy enough.

But sure enough, that's what Connell and Aaron Combs did in the last couple frames to bring the trophy home for the Volunteers. I guess the secret is staying loose.