I'm Ready To Crown Zach Wilson Broncos' QB1 After Seeing How Happy He Looks In Italy With His Model Girlfriend

Listen, it's a slow week at Barstool and I need pageviews. And when the Post needs pageviews they go to their bread and butter, whether that's what did Dave Portnoy eat for breakfast this morning, or Zach Wilson, old Jets QB who has never looked happier in photos to be gone. What's that saying? You can lead a horse to water but can't make him drink? I'm drinking the Zach Wilson Kool-Aid.

Honestly, good for Zach. A trip to a place with the most gorgeous backdrops on Earth like Positano is what the brain needs after wrapping up minicamp. That's going to give you the confidence to get out there and be QB1. Look at this guy and tell me he's not built to win:

I can imagine that transitioning from the NYC/NJ metro from views like this:

To scenic reservoir views on the Colorado River like this:


Must be quite the change. But that's not the point of this blog, the point of this blog is to ask you, the reader, how this guy doesn't manage to win the QB1 job:

It'll be a Wilson Winter at Mile High this year. Strap in.