End Of An Era: Hate Everything About The Fact Alex Morgan Was Left Off The Olympic Roster, Missing Her First Major Tournament Since 2008

What the fuck is this? I know there's supposed to be a real reason and she's not in form and all that. But Alex Morgan is USA women's soccer. You don't leave Alex Morgan off the Olympic roster. You give her a spot and have her teach all these other players about winning gold medals. We're at a low point in US women's soccer. We're at our lowest ranking ever. We're in this new era with a new coach and no Alex Morgan? I don't care for it one bit. But, much like Caitlyn Clark, Alex Morgan took the high road:

I said it before and I'll say it again. I don't care the sport, when there's a team wearing red, white and blue with the stars and stripes I want us to kick everyone's ass. Show no mercy, fuck sportsmanship and win 30-0 in a soccer match. Remember how mad people were when we beat the shit out of Thailand? 


We need to get back to this. I want to beat teams 13-0 and have the world bitch and moan that we're too mean. That's American sports, baby. Bring our best players, the faces we know and run up the score. It'd be embarrassing if we didn't do that. That said, thanks for the memories, Alex.

Time for Trinity Rodman (Dennis' daughter) to turn into the bad girl of US soccer. It's only right at this point. Score goals, mock teams, win by 13. That's what we need to do again.