We Got Another Look at Some of the Sights and Sounds in College Football 25 and It Will Get You Rock Hard

Oh fuck yes.

Look, obviously gameplay is a pretty important component of any video game. But as long as College Football 25's gameplay is just competent — and it seems like it's going to be far better than that based on what we've seen so far — this game is going to be an all-timer.

The team making this game definitely did its due diligence with the atmosphere at seemingly every school. It's a given all the big schools were going to have their stadiums and traditions taken care of, but I love that smaller programs have been featured in these trailers to show that no detail was spared for anybody. This game, now more than ever following its decade-long absence, is an important part of college football culture. Getting all the traditions and crowds to feel as real as possible was critical for the first game back when people have been thirsting for a college football video game for 11 years.

I am officially certain this game is going to be close to perfect. The gameplay looks great. The atmospheres look incredible. We are less than a month away from being able to play this game every day until the next one comes out and I'm more excited for that than anything I can remember.

We're in the endgame now. Enjoy these next few weeks of summer, because beginning July 19 (July 16 if you bough the deluxe edition with early access) outdoor time is over.