Jason Kelce Showed Prince William The Utmost Respect By Putting His Beer Down To Meet Him

The latest episode of New Heights is out and Jason & Travis are detailing their time in London/at the Eras Tour (minus Travis' performance, they recorded this before that happened) but all around, it's hilarious. I was of course most interested in hearing about their meeting Prince William and the kids, but honestly didn't think about Jason meeting them. I figured it would be locked up tight, Travis gets to meet them because he's Taylor's boyfriend, but I'm THRILLED to hear that Prince William got to experience Jason Kelce as well. Although, it sounds like he didn't get the FULL experience. 

Last week, Jason had been joking around saying "Fuck Royalty" and somehow that makes this all the more entertaining to me. Just like the rest of us, it's easy to talk shit and throw around casual "fuck yous" when you aren't staring that person in the face, and Jason folded like a wet napkin when Prince Willy showed up. He went as far as to PUT HIS BEER AWAY, and called William His Royal Highness. Incredible stuff. It's true, though - as much shit as anyone wants to talk about the Royals, they are still royalty. There's a level of respect people are expected to have, and it warms my heart to think that even Jason knew showing up with a beer in his teeth wasn't the move for this big meeting. He also went on to talk about how precious Charlotte was, citing the fact that having his own girls made it even more special to see how excited she was. Both of the guys went on to say how great it was that the kids were inquisitive and that Charlotte was a spitfire, which warms my cold dead heart. They complimented William & Kate on their parenting, and I've got to say it again - could this be the best press William has EVER gotten? Taylor, Travis AND Jason just going on and on about how he's a good dude, and a great dad? Good for him. 

The guys went on for about 10 minutes talking about Jason's first experience of the concert, and while I only tune in for the bits and pieces of this show that have to do with Taylor, its so sweet to see how proud and excited they always are to be a part of this big circus. They speak of her so casually, like she's a part of the family, and they have so much respect for what she does and for the fans who come out in droves to see her. Jason even got emotional when talking about the part of the show where Taylor gives her hat to a fan during 22 - something that will immediately turn anyone into waterworks if you have a soul. 

I can't believe there was ever a time where I thought Travis was an asshole, or not the genuine person he truly seems to be. I've been eating my words ever since. Gia and I talked about it on Monday's episode of Taylor Watch, but Ed and Donna Kelce really did a great job raising these guys. The Kelce/Swift families really do feel like our version of Royalty these days, and we're all so lucky to be watching, listening, and experiencing all of this love and respect from afar. 

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