Deion Sanders Says He's Not Going To The NFL Because He's "A Father, Not A Baby Daddy" And Will Lead His Sons Instead Of Following Them

I just sighed as I begin this blog. I don't want to continuously hate on Deion Sanders, but everything he's doing these days makes it so damn easy to. What the fuck is this quote.....? And what other take can you have on this other than wondering how or why a guy coming off a 4-8 season at Colorado in which they lost 6 straight games to end the season is talking about going to the NFL? Make a Bowl Game first, my guy. 

But forget that ridiculous statement when literally no one is offering him a job, how about the entire quote in general? Did he sit in the mirror and practice this one, or was he sitting around a bunch of friends ala the Barber Shop series with LeBron and come up with this corny analogy? He's a father, not a baby daddy. Huh? I think I get the roundabout point he's trying to make, but just say you like college better than the NFL. Don't continue to try and get clicks, like your biggest haters say you do instead of coaching. I'm so glad my football coach doesn't sit around trying to devise catchy sayings but rather devising good offensive schemes (don't take that compliment to heart though, Ryan Day, you need to be better too). 

Now two things must be noted in this statement from Coach Prime: 

1. Saying he won't leave college sounds familiar to a statement he made about not leaving Jackson State. Not sure how much stock you can put into a statement like that when he's at Colorado. And I have no problem with coaches leaving for better jobs, but maybe they should stop saying they're staying put when everyone knows damn well they'd leave at the first sign of a better landing spot?

# 2. I think it's funny Deion mentioned his "sons" to include Travis Hunter, which famous quarterbacks coach Quincy Avery pointed out in a mild to medium shot on Twitter.

Of course nothing about the Sanders family makes it past Deion Jr, who resorted to conceding the argument because the first person to yell / scream / curse at another's valid point is the loser in my eyes.


But instead of keeping it at that, Quincy Avery went for the jugular on the least talented Sanders.

Damnnnnnnnnnn. I think that's a kill shot, and the no response from Coach Prime Jr appears to make that correct.

Well, another day, another Deion Sanders story. I think that's what Colorado wants, right? Maybe the clicks will resort to 5 wins this Fall.