Gronk Continues to Hilariously Dunk on Belichick for Dating Outside His Age Group, as Only Best Friends Can

As Dante pointed out when he blogged this clip, while setting an all time Barstool record for headline words and ALL CAPS:

... he and I didn't specifically know who Gronk was referring to at the time. Whether he was just getting in a dig about Belichick's legendary shirtless Ring camera Stride of Pride:

Or just referencing a more general interest in females born in the 21st century. That is, until the news broke that there was a specific member of the Zoomer Generation. Then all the tumblers clicked into place for us. 

That of course was almost two weeks ago. Since then, a lot has developed. For one, we know that Belichick and Jordon Hudson had a Meet Cute on a flight to Florida straight out of an Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore Romcom. That they share mutual appreciations for Deductive Logic and cheerleading. As well as living arrangements:

Source - Bill Belichick and Jordon Hudson have been shacking up for months.

The cheerleader, 23, began living in the 72-year-old former New England Patriots coach’s Hingham, Mass., home in early 2024, according to TMZ. …

Tom Brady poked fun at the viral footage during his Netflix roast in May, giving his ex coach “respect.”

The retired quarterback, 46, joked, “When somebody asked me which ring was my favorite, I used to say, ‘The next one.’ Now that I’m retired, my favorite is that Ring camera that caught Coach Belichick slinking out of that poor girl’s house at 6 a.m. a few months ago.”

As funny as Brady's dig was, and as well as it landed at the time, it can't compete with the heat Gronk brought to Julian Edelman's podcast. This was him throwing pure gas, right on the black:


Straight up hilarity. These are the words of a man who spent years under the whip of a relentless, authoritarian taskmaster who never stopped demanding the best out of him. Only to find out now that he's human. Gronk must feel like Marty McFly, coming back to 1985 to find Biff Tannen waxing his dad's car. Or Dick Winters at the end of Band of Brothers seeing Capt. Sobel all humbled. 

For all his lectures about the Trifecta of Alcohol, Assholes and Girls ruining your life - which, by the way, is good advice for any man - it turns out Belichick has the same weaknesses as the rest of us. He's subject to the same urges and desires as the players he mentored. And now that he's temporarily between jobs and responsible to no one, he's free to indulge. The heart wants what it wants. 

More than anything though, this is proof Gronk and his former commanding officer are on the best terms since Belichick drafted him in 2010. Since five minutes after he was drafted and got a phone call telling him to get off the Radio City stage, get that helmet off his head and quit dancing around with his brothers like an idiot. Oh, that tension is still there, to be sure. You can hear it in his voice and by how animated he is. But you only take a flamethrower to a guy this way if you really are on good footing with him. And seeing Belichick as an actual flesh-and-blood human being for the first time in your life has to help that reconciliation process. No one can bust another man's balls this effectively unless, as Gronk says, he loves him now. 

So for crying out loud, let's get the two of them in front of a camera together. It would be the best production since the Brady roast itself. And maybe 10 times funnier. Make it happen, Edelman. Before these two crazy lovebirds get married and it's not as much fun.