It's Coming Home: England Fans Are So Fed Up With Gareth Southgate They Started Launching Drinks At Him On The Field

I can't get over watching England play at the Euros. Sure, they might be the most boring team in the world. In the words of our fearless leader they are a human rain delay. That comes from the top, Gareth Southgate. Personally, I think England should sign him to an extension. I want to see how long he can go before the King has to step in and get rid of him. I don't even really know what a king does, but it feels like this could be part of his role. 

Southgate is catching it everywhere. The tabloids, the regular reporters, fans, companies on Twitter, it doesn't matter. But this right here? After winning the group and setting themselves up for the easiest draw to the finals, he's still dodging cups and drinks getting launched at him. I don't know why England feels so entitled. They don't win shit. They have all the hype every single tournament and eventually come up short, usually in some excruciating fashion. Even Gregg has won something (suck it, Mexico). 

All you need to know about Southgate and this England team is this was a real picture from yesterday's match - a 0-0 draw. 

Anadolu. Getty Images.

This isn't an American pretending to cheer for England. This is someone who for sure gets pissed about me calling it a field and not a pitch or soccer instead of football. Can't even keep his eyes open. I think we're all cheering for the same thing here now. England to lose to the 3rd place team they are going to play in the knockout stage and see the English fallout. We may see fans on the field or blocking the team bus refusing to let him on. Time to take matters into your own hands.