'Yall Really Think I Got Pull Like That' - Mikal Bridges Shuts Down Any Talk Of Tampering Or Forcing A Trade, The Knicks Just Have A Genius In Charge

Nathaniel S. Butler. Getty Images.

In case you somehow missed it last night. The Knicks keep adding to their Nova collection: 

No-brainer move for the Knicks. A lot of people crying about giving up 5 picks or tampering or how Mikal Bridges forced his way to play with his best friends and superstar Jalen Brunson. 

You even had Bam Adebayo crying about tampering. A guy who plays for a team that talks about culture all the time is shocked people don't want to go there and play in front of Nicky Smokes and 12 other fans. 

Luckily Mikal set the record straight. Let me tell you something, Mikal is someone who has never lied once in his life. He's a man of his word. A man who once played 83 regular season games despite teams only playing 82 (fact, look it up). 

You think he has pull like that? To say trade me to a team the Nets haven't traded with since 1983! To trade him to a team that just so happens to have all his best friends (bring back Arch right this second. He's the OG Nova Knick). To a team that just so happens to be able to make a run in the playoffs (please stay healthy). I don't think so. No, it's a credit to the man in charge, a real basketball guy for the first time in like 30 years for the Knicks. 


Oh and shout out World Wide Wes. The Littlefinger of the league as I believe Clem once dubbed him. This is all possible because we have those two in charge. Now we see what happens with everyone else. I say get weird with it, trade Mitch even if you can't re-sign IHart. Just go all wings and Brunson, Josh Hart will still get 24 rebounds in 48 minutes.