Snoop Dogg Ran The 200m At The Olympic Trials, And Believe It Or Not, For a 52-Year-Old Chronic Weed Smoker, He's Got Some Wheels

Billboard - With Snoop onboard as a guest commentator for NBC at the 2024 Summer Olympics, he participated in the 200m trial run in Oregon over the weekend.

Rocking a team USA shirt honoring the late Kobe Bryant to go with his American flag-themed pants, the Doggfather laced up his Nike kicks for the race against Ato Boldon and Wallace Spearmon on Sunday (June 23).

Unfortunately, Snoop’s competition ended up leaving him in the dust as he finished the race in a distant third place with a time of 34.44 seconds. For comparison, the 2020 Olympic gold medalist clocked in at 19.62 seconds.

“34.44 for a 52-year-old? Ain’t bad,” he said, clapping in approval when he saw his time.

After regaining his breath, Snoop lent his hilarious commentary to the steeplechase run as part of the broadcast. “Oh he’s jumping on top of the hurdle. You can do that?! That was a cold trick right there. I like that one. Went off the tippy-top,” he said in shock.

Honestly, if we're being  ̶f̶o̶ ̶r̶i̶z̶z̶l̶e̶ 100% truthful here, this really wasn't shabby. 

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Not too shabby for anybody. Not too shabby for 52-year-old pothead. Not to shabby for any 52-year-old. It's not too shabby for even a 32-year-old. 

High school heroes everywhere will probably clown him for being out of shape, while fighting off their own sleep apnea from kicking in, but Snoop can play for my team any day. 

Guy has burned the candle at both ends for more than 3 decades now. He's got fucking 20 albums, and another 20 compilation albums. Plus who knows how many features? Has to be near 100 if not more. And for as hard as he works, I would argue he's known for smoking weed and drinking coronas on the beach with Andy Samberg just as much, if not more, than for his music. 

The last person I think we could say something similar to that about was ol' Dean Martin. 


Plus, let's not sleep on Snoop being a regular broadcaster for this Summer's Olympics. The nerds who graduated from Syracuse and Northwestern with swanky broadcast journalism degrees are probably ripshit that Snoop got this gig, but we the people should be pumped. He's gonna be full of sound-bytes and who knows how many viral clips he'll be responsible for. Hate it all you want, (and Howard Cossell is probably rolling around his grave because of it), but in 2024 when that kind of shit is important, and sadly draws in this generation of viewers, that's a move very well played by NBC Sports to scoop him up. 

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