Steven Cheah's 2024 NBA Mock Draft

Sarah Stier. Getty Images.

Overall, this is a very bad NBA Draft. I don't think it's the worst one ever, but there are no sure thing top guys. That being said, I fully expect a few All-NBA players to emerge from this class in a few years.

1) Atlanta Hawks – Zaccharie Risacher F France

The Hawks jumped up a lot in the lottery and have a lot of moving pieces. Do they break up the Trae Young/Dejounte Murray backcourt? Is Clint Capela back? Are they now building around Jalen Johnson? I think they'd be open to moving back and acquiring more pieces, but if they stick and pick, it seems like Risacher is the apple of most GM's eye. At 6'9" he has the size and length to be a disruptive PF on defense, but he can also fill it up offensively. He's a good 3-point shooter and at only 19 years old, is very young and moldable. 

2)  Washington Wizards – Alex Sarr F/C Australia

Word on the street is Sarr WANTS to go to Washington. Mainly because there is opportunity to play. After trading Daniel Gafford to the Mavs, they've got a mix of Marvin Bagley III, Richaun Holmes, and Kyle Kuzma playing Center for them. Sarr could slot in immediately and get minutes. And at 7'0" but only 19 years old with lots of room to still fill out, he wants to play. He's a tall, long, versatile defender, but can he be a full-time Center is the big question?

3) TRADE Memphis Grizzlies (via Houston Rockets via Brooklyn Nets) – Donovan Clingan C UConn

In this projected trade, the Grizzlies trade up to #3 and give up the #9 pick, PG Marcus Smart, and a future 1st round pick to the Rockets for the #3 overall pick

Smart gets to reunite with Ime Udoka and the Rockets continue to build a gritty, defensive team. But the Grizzlies are also looking to amp up their team on the defensive end and go with the 7'2" Clingan who gives the team versatility to move Jaren Jackson Jr. back to the 4 which is where he's better suited.

4) San Antonio Spurs – Reed Sheppard G Kentucky

If this happens the Spurs will be thrilled as Reed Sheppard would be a great running-mate for Victor Wembanyama. The Spurs lacked shooting last year and Sheppard can fill it up. He's an undersized Guard that, in addition to be a great shooter, is a good passer and is feisty on defense. He'll be a nice upgrade from Tre Jones at the PG.

5) Detroit Pistons – Matas Buzelis F G League Ignite

The Pistons are going for upside and Buzelis is an exciting, long, young man who can score on offense. His versatility should slide in right next to Cade Cunningham and Jalen Duren. He's also got a chip on his shoulder saying recently with Shams:

“I respect Zach (Risacher) as a player…He just doesn’t want to see me. I’m just going to keep it real with everybody.”

6) Charlotte Hornets – Dalton Knecht G/F Tennessee

The Hornets just need players and Knecht can hoop. At Tennessee he never shied away from handling the scoring load and with a team that has LaMelo Ball, Brandon Miller, and Miles Bridges, they could use a guy like Knecht that can stretch the floor.

7) Portland Trail Blazers – Tidjane Salaun F France

Salaun is 6'10" with a 7'2" wingspan and despite his slender frame, can play in the paint as well as shoot it from deep. Portland hasn't shied away from upside picks with Shaedon Sharpe two years ago and Salaun has that in spades.


8) San Antonio Spurs (via Toronto Raptors) – G Bub Carrington G Pitt

Not to belabor the point, but the Spurs need shooting. Carrington is another guy who can shoot the rock. And with a backcourt of Reed Sheppard, Devin Vassell, and Carrington, the Spurs are starting to give Wemby some real options that can space the floor.

9) TRADE Houston Rockets (via Memphis Grizzlies) – Stephon Castle G/F UConn

The Rockets are weird. They are building a young, feisty, defensive team. Amen Thompson last year is a freak athlete who an defend. Cam Whitmore can jump out of the gym and shoot. In this trade, Marcus Smart is obviously a former Defensive Player of the Year, and Castle is in that mold. I don't like what they're doing necessarily, but I understand leaning into the counter offensive team and just going with a tough team that'll beat you up. Will they go after Kevin Durant and then just surround him with athletic defenders? Not the worst plan I've ever heard.

10) Utah Jazz – Cody Williams F Colorado

We almost had Jalen Williams brother slip to the Thunder to reunite them, but Utah scoops him up at #10. He's 6'7" with a 7'1" standing reach and can handle the rock for a taller guy. He is super skinny though at 190 lbs., but he's an interesting prospect to pair with Lauri Markkanen.

11) Chicago Bulls – Tristan da Silva F Colorado

Colorado players back-to-back! He's a bit older at 23 years old, but he can step in and play immediately. A high basketball IQ guy he can back up DaMarr DeRozan. The Bulls get bigger and smarter with the previous addition of Josh Giddey and now da Silva. 

12) Oklahoma City Thunder (via Houston Rockets) – Zach Edey C Purdue

The Thunder have Chet Holmgren starting at Center but not a lot of depth behind him. Jaylin Williams is the backup Center. He's a fine player, but they don't really have much size up front. At 7'5" Edey changes a lot of that. I'm pretty high on Purdue's big man, even in today's game. You can't teach that size and he's pretty polished and tough down low. While I don't expect him to be Shaq, he's far from Shawn Bradley. 

13) Sacramento Kings – Ron Holland F G League Ignite

Holland was once considered the #1 prospect in this year's draft. He was a 20-7-3 guy for the G-League Ignite, but he's not a great shooter. The good news is that he's only 18 and still developing.

14) Portland Trail Blazers (via Golden State Warriors) Kyshawn George F Miami

He's got some nice tools with a solid shot and handle and he just shot up to 6'7" in the past two years. He's got to figure his new size out, but he's got some intriguing tools and Portland is not afraid to bet on tools.

15) Miami Heat – Devin Carter G Providence

Former Heat and Nuggets G Anthony Carter's kid gets his start in South Beach! Miami could use some backcourt depth behind Tyler Herro. Carter is 22 years old but understands what it takes to be a pro. Coach Spo is gonna love him.


16) Philadelphia 76ers – Rob Dillingham G Kentucky

The 76ers have had good success going through Lexington, Kentucky and they dip back into that well for an undersized, but super gifted scorer in Rob Dillingham. While I don't think he'll be Tyrese Maxey, he looks a lot like Maxey and Malik Monk.

17) LA Lakers – Kyle Filipowski Duke

Speaking of tapping into a pipeline, JJ Redick's first pick as Head Coach and he goes to where he's familiar - Duke! Filipowski could provide some solid depth behind Anthony Davis.

18) Orlando Magic – Nikola Topic G

The Magic hired his Dad as a scout and I've seen this movie before.

On the court, Topic has a partially torn ACL, but he was MVP of 2023 under 18 Euro Championship. Definitely a risk, but could be worth it.

19) Toronto Raptors (via Indiana Pacers) – Isaiah Collier G USC

Collier is a player that loves to get downhill and could be a nice developmental prospect behind Immanuel Quickley in Toronto's backcourt.

20) Cleveland Cavaliers – Jared McCain PG Duke

A solid 3-point shooter, McCain could add a bit of versatility to Cleveland's lineup as they make Darius Garland potentially on the block.

21) New Orleans Pelicans (via Milwaukee Bucks) – Ja’Kobe Walter Baylor G/F

He needs to develop a more consistent jumper, but Walter has more untapped potential as a playmaker he can hopefully tap into with Zion Williamson on his team.

22) Phoenix Suns – Kel’El Ware Indiana C

This is a nice fit with Ware being more of a shooting big, not unlike Brook Lopez who HC Mike Budenholzer revolutionized his career. 

23) Milwaukee Bucks (via New Orleans Pelicans) – Johnny Furphy Kansas F

At 6'8" the Australian native posses a solid outside jumper and the physicality to finish inside. He's just 19 years old so needs so seasoning, but learning behind Giannis seems like it could be a good idea while he matures.

24) New York Knicks (via Dallas Mavericks) – Ryan Dunn Virginia G/F

"The best wing defender I've evaluated in some time." - Sam Vecenie (Draft Express)

That's Tom Thibodeau on line 1.


25) New York Knicks – Yves Missi Baylor C

The Knicks seem destined to lose Isaiah Hartenstein in free agency after trading for Mikal Bridges. Missi is an interesting piece that can provide depth behind oft-injured Mitchell Robinson. He's a defense-first rim-running big that could provide a nice 1-2 punch with Big Mitch.

26) Washington Wizards (via LA Clippers) – Adem Bona UCLA F

Bona looks like he's shot out of a cannon every time I see him. If he was a bit taller he'd be a freakshow Center, but can he play that in the NBA at just 6'8"? He's a marvel of explosiveness. A walking highlight. Alex Sarr would certainly get better practicing against this guy every day.

27) Minnesota Timberwolves – Tyler Kolek Marquette PG

Kolek isn't athletically in the same universe as Adem Bona, but he's not dissimilar to Mike Conley Jr. in terms of a super smart PG who can shoot the ball and think the game quickly. He'll be a nice backup that can learn behind the 2007 4th overall pick.

28) Denver Nuggets – Juan Nunez Spain G

Speaking of smart PGs, Nunez has some flair to his game but is another one who processes information quickly. With Jamal Murray missing a lot of time this past year they had to rely too much on Reggie Jackson. Nunez would be a great fit for how Denver plays.

29) Utah Jazz (via Oklahoma City Thunder) – Baylor Scheierman Creighton G/F

He averaged 18-9-4 can shoot and defend. At 6'6" he's got solid size and this kid can just play ball. I don't see him falling out of the 1st Round.

30) Boston Celtics – Cam Spencer UConn G

The Celtics aren't afraid to draft good college players that don't have ideal size, but that man can shoot, and in Boston, that's a requirement.