Woman Goes Mega Viral On TikTok For Secretly Filming Guy Cheating On His Wife During A Four Hour Flight To NYC


Source - There’s no such thing as cheating in peace — not even at 30,000 feet.  Whether up high or down low, low-down dirty adulterers simply can’t escape social media’s ever-present lens. 

And the proof of that ugly truth is going viral thanks to a prying plane passenger, who caught someone’s unfaithful hubby getting frisky with another woman mid-flight. 

Airing out the two-timer’s dirty laundry to a staggering 24 million TikTok viewers, the brunette shared stealthily shot visuals of the married man and his mile-high mistress, known as Katy, shamelessly canoodling during the four hour jaunt to Gotham. 

The Video:

The Caption: 

If this man is your husband flying @United Airlines, flight 2140, from Houston to New York, he’s probably going to be staying with Katy tonight. Him and Katy met at the airport bar and haven’t left each others sode since then. He convinced her to change her seat so she could sit next to him and they could drink. I dont know his name but know hers becasue he keeps saying it. He’s also said his 8 year old daughter danced for the Astros opening tonight, he’s from Ft. Worth, says he’s a surfer and just got a new surf board, supposedly President of the company he works for and flying to NYC for business. I wouldn’t have known he was married if he hadn’t been wearing his wedding ring. Excuse me rubbing my eye, I didn’t know what else to do to self record. 😂Do your thing TikTok. #findthewife #cheatinghusbands #unitedairlines #flight2140 #katy #houston #IAHairport #ftworth #weddingring

Nice job, Caroline! Nothing passes the time on an airplane quite like permanently ruining the family next to you. Well done, sis! I'm sure that little eight-year-old girl who you mentioned in the caption will be thrilled to know that her parents split up because a complete stranger wanted to go viral. Seems totally worth it. I'm sure every morning when she wakes up to a fatherless home she'll say to herself, "yeah, but Caroline got clicks!" Idiot. 

It's almost as if people have an inability to mind their own business nowadays. And I'm not condoning cheating, but I am condoning not sticking your fucking nose where it doesn't belong. If this guy was actually cheating, he's going to get caught. They always do. No matter how sneaky they think they are, karma always comes back to bite them in the ass. 

That said, this is a fantastic song choice to memorialize the end of a relationship…

And you never know, they could be in an open relationship. Actually, on second thought, straight people don't do that. He was definitely cheating. Oh well. Fingers crossed the damage isn't irreversible. Thanks for reading!