Good Luck: German Authorities Tried To Convince England Fans To Drink Non-Alcoholic Beer Today Because Of The Heat (It's 84 Degrees)

[Source] - Footy supporters are reportedly "sweltering" in the German city of Cologne with the Euros organisers urging fans to drink non-alcoholic lager.

The temperature is forecast to be 25C during the clash game of England versus Slovenia tonight.

While it doesn't sound shockingly high, the 56per cent humidity will make it feel more like 29C - and that's not including the heat radiating off other fans in the stadium.

This is one of those stories where all you can do is laugh. German authorities trying to convince England soccer fans to drink alcohol-free beer before a massive match? Yeah, that'll happen. Who is going to watch a soccer match sober? Not an English fan, that's a fact. Not when they have to deal with Gareth Southgate out there and need a point to likely win the group. You don't just show up sober and get scared of the blistering 84 degrees out.

Now, it's not the first time Europeans were scared of a heat wave. 

I'll say this too. I'm getting irrational confidence for the US in the World Cup. We should make it hot as possible. We're used to being miserable in the summer. Hell, it's been 100 degrees in Cincinnati for basically the last two weeks. Hot, humid, miserable. Nothing like summer in America. If they are scared of 84 degrees they wouldn't last in San Diego, let alone anywhere else. We need to use every advantage we have and figure out a way to make the teams better than us miserable. 

Imagine prepping for the last game of group stage with a good old fashioned non-alcoholic beer. That gets the juices flowing. That's how you convince yourself it's coming home. You don't start chanting that and think it's happening sober. I just can't get over people complaining about the heat wave when it's 84 out. That's almost ideal weather.