Michael Chandler Drunkenly Assaults Comedian At Beer Games 2024, Seems Unfocused And Not Ready For Conor McGregor

Listen - fair is fair. If we're gonna freak out every time Conor McGregor hits the club or takes so much as a sip of Proper No 12 whiskey or his Forged Irish Stout, we gotta keep that same energy for Michael Chandler right now. This guy is UNHINGED!!!

Chugging beers, embarrassing Hank in public, making cruel (and unnecessary) jokes about McGregor's gruesome pinky toe injury, and worst of all?! Chandler just viciously assaulted comedian Chris O'Connor on Taylor Lewan's back deck....

That doesn't look like a guy ready for a fight with Conor McGregor any time soon. He seems unfocused and content with this party-filled lifestyle! I doubt he's even gonna be in the gym tomorrow - meanwhile McGregor is working harder and harder towards recovery with every second that passes by. I hope the Beer Games was worth it though!!

One would have to assume the police are en route to the Lewan residence to arrest Chandler for the assault right now, and if not - it just proves how fucked the justice system in this country is. If McGregor's not allowed to take swings at old men/passerby's, why should "Iron Mike" be treated any different?! This guy is speaking some sense....


I would be there to cover the action myself, but I was actually banned from the Beer Games this year to ensure Chandler's safety. Taylor and Will didn't want a redo of our first run in….

Shit got dangerous (for Chandler). 

I'll leave you with the best video from the Beer Games today, though - the always majestic Glenny Balls on a pool break….