There Can't Be A Better Tasting Beer Than One Poured Out Of The Stanley Cup From The Balcony At Elbo Room By Matthew Tkachuk

I'll tell ya what, folks. We might be in store for one of the best Cup celebrations we've seen since Ovi went on his summer of dominance in 2018. These Florida Panthers are ready to party, and they are in one of the most perfect locations to get completely obliterated at all hours of the day. Think about it this way--the Boston Celtics won a championship and immediately flew to Miami to celebrate. The Panthers are already down there and get to fire it up with their fans. Some of whom have been waiting 30 years for this moment, and some of whom have been waiting 30 days. 

I'd imagine that between Matthew, Brady and Big Walt, the Tkachuk boys are going to get a combined 8 hours of sleep over the next 72 hours. And 6 of those hours will be Keith finally tapping out after trying to keep up with the young men. Any time the boys start to feel like they're losing a little steam, they can just take a quick dip in the ocean with Lord Stanley to get them back in the game. 

Like the late, great Abraham Lincoln once said, "the boys are buzzzzzzzing". Lord Stanley is in for a gong show here and we're not even close to the parade yet. 

Sidenote: Don't worry, Nicky. I'll get the blog going for ya. You just have yourself another Tuesday in South Florida.