How Many College Basketball And Baseball National Titles Would You Trade For a College Football National Title?

Congrats to Tennesse on winning the College World Series last night. Have went to Knoxville on a few occasions over the years and it's always awesome. I'm sure Rocky Top has been playing on a loop for the last 18 hours straight with the finest of whiskey's flowing down the throats of Tennesseans far and wide. 

It got the unnecessary roughness crew thinking, how many basketball and baseball national titles would you trade for a football national title? For me personally, I don't give a flying fuck about college baseball. I'll always root for my Buckeyes in anything they do but in the Big Ten absolutely no one cares about baseball. THE Ohio State baseball could win for the next 1,000 years straight and I'd still trade them all for one in football without even blinking. 

Basketball on the other hand may play second fiddle by a big margin to football but it still matters. With that being said three is still the lowest I'd be willing to go. Dominating the college basketball scene would be a lot of fun. UConn fans must be loving life right now. The hype and palpable buzz of going after the three-peat this year with some elite talent returning and pairing it with the great HS recruits and high level transfers would be amazing to be apart of. Not to mention a coach that turned down the Los Angeles fucking Lakers to stay in Storrs, Connecticut. However, I'd trade the back to back in a heartbeat for one football national title. This is America. Football is king. In the state of Ohio, football is religion. It's God. It's the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit all mashed up into one. I don't want a football national title....... I fucking NEED one. 

This is THE Ohio State's year, but that's a story for another day. How many would you trade for a football national title?

On Unnecessary Roughness this week we answered the question and did a deep dive into this years transfer QB class. Who we like, who we don't like and much more. Watch/listen below on all platforms! God bless.