Hell Yes - We Have Our First Hard Knocks Trailer And It Teases The Negotiation Call With Saquon Barkley About Leaving The Giants

That little tease with the call to Saquon Barkley is all I needed to see. I'm now in on this new Hard Knocks offseason thing. I don't even remember how many Hard Knocks we have, but this is the first one. Basically a trilogy these days to give us behind the scenes football looks all season. Fine by me, as a guy who works from home. But there should be an entire episode surrounding Saquon Barkley. I don't think that's too much to ask and frankly wouldn't barely be long enough to give us the final answer. 

Saquon has tried to play victim in all of this. He's tried to say the Giants didn't want him back, they drove him away, all this other bullshit. That little tease alone says everything was a lie from him. I won't be a Giants fan thanking Saquon for playing for us. I hated drafting him, mostly because drafting a running back at No. 2 in any scenario is as dumb as it gets. The only thing dumber would be paying him $10 million+ per year on another deal. It doesn't make sense when you have problems basically everywhere else on the team. 

Oh and I don't want him to do well. Fuck that. He's an Eagle. I 100% get that's part of the risk of letting him hit free agency, but I don't want him to do well at all. He's an enemy. Every Eagle is an enemy, that's the only way to look at it. Love that it drops in July too. We need football in July. It's the dead time of the year, even with the Olympics starting up. You just have the dog days of baseball and now our dumb football brains have this to add to the list.