EA Sports Released the 10 Toughest Stadiums in College Football 25 and It's the First Thing About This Game That Sucks

Fuck it, I'll bite. Y'all want to do some late June engagement bait? Let's dance.

I guess we'll start with the fact that probably 40 percent of the Top 10 needs to be removed entirely. Alabama isn't even in the top three most intimidating SEC road environments, it just had Nick Saban forever and therefore had the best teams. And I don't know what we're doing with Nos. 7-9. I guess Florida State can get pretty tough when they're rolling, but nobody fears going to Madison or Norman because of the atmospheres.

I'd replace those four with Tennessee, Oregon, South Carolina and Auburn and then do some shuffling to the order. My Top 10 would go:

1. Tiger Stadium (only at night, but the SEC makes sure they never have to play a day game)

2. Neyland Stadium

3. Kyle Field

4. Beaver Stadium

5. Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

6. Ohio Stadium

7. Sanford Stadium

8. Williams-Brice Stadium

9. Doak Campbell Stadium

10. Jordan-Hare Stadium

I don't know what the drop-off from the Top 10 to the rest of the Top 25 is going to be in terms of difficulty on the game, but from the gameplay we've seen, crowds are absolutely going to affect your ability to make plays on offense — particularly if you have an underclassman at quarterback. So if anyone starts a dynasty with a team that's going to Wisconsin or Oklahoma this season, strap in for those raucous environments.

This list stinks out loud, but it feels good to have a college football debate and even better to have an EA Sports College Football 25 debate. We're in the homestretch now, boys.