Healthy Debate: You Have The Right To Go Nuts If An Airline Double Books Your Seat

NurPhoto. Getty Images.

NY Post- An irate passenger caused a scene after refusing to leave a plane that he was double-booked on, as seen in a video going viral online.

“Don’t be disrespectful, is my money worthless?” declared the unnamed flyer during the hour-long standoff, which occurred on an Avianca flight from Los Angeles, USA to Bogotá, Colombia, Jam Press reported.

Flight attendants had informed the traveler that the flight was oversold despite the fact that he allegedly bought his ticket three months ahead of time, Colombian media reported.

They subsequently told him to deplane because there were no seats available, but the man refused.

In an accompanying footage, shot by a fellow passenger, the incensed fellow can be seen laying into cabin crew members over his perceived unfair treatment.

“Don’t give me bad options, I need to get there,” he fumed. “I’m a lawyer, you should respect me.”

The flyer continued, “I paid for it, they deducted it from my card, you haven’t given me anything, it wasn’t a favor! It seems disrespectful to me that you would sell something you don’t have.”

At that point, the employees threatened to call the police, but the man remained steadfast, yelling that he hoped the prosecutor’s office would come down so he could “file a report.”

“You can’t be playing with people’s plans,” the declared stubborn passenger, who eventually left on his own volition out of consideration for his fellow flyers, according to the person filming.

He received a round of applause for this gesture.

The fuck up of all fuck ups folks. Listen I've written a lot about planes, and fights on planes, and etiquette on planes and all sorts of unwritten rules etc. There are many different schools of though when it comes to how to act on the tarmac, but one thing is for sure if an airline screws up by double booking your seat then doesn't have a seat for you on the plane at all, you have every right to go ballistic. 

Now if they did this a week before the flight, even the day before the flight that's notice enough where you can get mad but you can't go ballistic. To show up on the fucking plane and be told to deplane gives you the right to have a legit meltdown like this guy, and this guy was a 4 compared to what I would have done. 

Also the airline doing this … my one question is How? How can they possibly do this to someone? What were they thinking was going to happen when they overbooked? Hoped some one would cancel, hope someone would die? I just don't understand that when they fucked up they didn't have the courtesy to call, or even notify the guy is flat out disgusting. Just disgusting behavior. This guy is 1000% right and should fly for free the rest of his life.