America's New Favorite Golfer: Nick Bienz Pounded 3 Beers Before A Playoff, Qualified For His First Ever PGA Tour Event At The Rocket Mortgage

God bless golf man. Sure Nick Bienz would destroy any one of us on a regular Saturday round, but he's still America's underdog. How can't you get behind a guy who waits for a playoff to start by pounding 3 beers for a little confidence? That's the most regular man shit that's ever been said before. 

'Well I'm perfect.' WHAT A FUCKING LINE. Print the shirts, in fact let Nick wear those shirts during the Rocket Mortgage. '3 beers, I'm perfect' is quite literally the ideal slogan for a man going to tee off. I love everything about this guy and shout out Ryan (Monday Q) for always having this sort of info. He's some sort of golf wizard that is a must follow for golf fans. 


We know the Rocket Mortgage can deliver with fans. They will party. Every single person reading this in the Detroit area needs to be a Nick Bienz fan. Show up with beers for the man, wear shirts. I don't know, we gotta think of something. Dude is out here grinding at Golf Galaxy and shooting 65s. He's the American underdog that Bill Murray dreams up in Caddyshack. He's the guy we've been looking for. He's the guy who needs to go win the Rocket Mortgage and really take over. 

Oh and give us Bienz, Kisner and Dahmen together in a group. Let the men drink beer while playing golf, the way God intended the game to be played.