Stop What You're Doing And Observe Chris Klemmer Attempt To Welcome A Fellow Human

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Well that was…something. If extraterrestrials invade this planet, we shouldn't send the President or alien guru to be our Earthly representative. We might just have to meet them halfway and give them Klemmer. That display of a simple welcome could not have been any more awkward if he tried. Maybe if his pants fell down mid-Dap or if Ben Mintz attempted to chime in. Other than that, just a wild scene of phalanges we got going on here. Gotta take some lessons from the in-house pro's of Dap (and Tommy). 

But you gotta love Klemmer and his constant attempts to be human. The amazing thing is that dap wasn't even the most awkward thing he's done this week. That honor goes to Chris Klemmer attempting to eat a sandwich. 

Chris Klemmer: Solid dude. Mets/Jets failure. Aspiring professional sleeper. Not a bit guy. Remember that, kids.