JJ Redick Gets Announced As The Head Coach Of The Lakers And Drops An All Time "I Really Don't Give A Fuck"

That's my head coach!!! Listen, I didn't even watch this press conference live because as a Lakers fan I'm not particularly excited that we got what I consider the bottom of the barrel of head coaching candidates. But I would be remiss to not blog this and say that this is objectively funny by Redick. No one on Earth looks at JJ this offseason unless you happen to have had a podcast with the greatest player of all time who happens to be on the team looking for a coach:

I guess it's good to start your head coaching career with a couple of viral clips? Everyone knew JJ can talk, he's an analyst and a podcaster. If we're going off talking, he's the best hire imaginable. But one thing he may be is a liar, considering he said him and LeBron didn't even talk about the job until 30 minutes after he was offered the job last week:

If you believe that, then I got some ice to sell you as Dave would say. He's really in a no win situation here, put eloquently by one of Laker Twitter's finest, "MaskedInLA":

Fair shake doesn't really exist when you step into the deep end of the pool like a job as the Lakers head coach demands. All we can really do now is wait, and I'm back to not caring about the NBA until the start of next season because I can't stand to see that bald head of Gaz celebrating in that Celtics jacket in 95 degree weather any longer. 

P.S. Obligatory highlights from the last real NBA championship and the hardest one to win: