The NBA Champion Boston Celtics And Larry O'Brien Trophy Making Their Fenway Debut Was As Surreal As It Gets

Brian Fluharty. Getty Images.

Even after last Monday night and even after the Friday parade, this all still feels like a dream. The entire experience doesn't even come close to feeling real, which I feel like is to be expected. How ar you supposed to feel when all of your hopes and dreams come true? It's a pretty strange feeling. Very awesome, but definitely takes a second to get used to. Don't take my word for it, just listen to NBA Champion Derrick White

It's been a long time since the Celts have been able to return the favor and bring their championship trophy to Fenway. It was always great when the Sox brought the World Series trophy to the Garden after they won it, even if you had to mentally block out John Henry from the celebrations. Still would highly recommend it to any other fanbase and city out there.

So to see the Celts have this same time of moment is about as good at it gets. That's really what this is all about. The fanbase and all the pro teams are one collective unit. There's just something truly special about seeing the Larry O'Brien outside in Fenway. Aura like you read about (kids are still obsessed with aura right?)

Of course the best part of that entire video was NBA Champion Jayson Tatum and NBA Champion Jaylen Brown being introduced together. You want to talk about an emotional moment, lord have mercy

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Now the most important part. Who had the best pitch?

For starters, I'm just happy nobody embarrassed themselves. That alone is a win in my book. But if we have to choose, after reviewing the tape I think I have to go with Jaylen. Am I crazy or do I see some side to side movement on that pitch? I'm not exactly a baseball guy, but I am currently knee deep in my MLB The Show Career Road To The Majors, so I feel like that has to account for something. Not only that, but this is clearly the Summer Of Jaylen after what we just watched for 2+ months. But if you want to make a case for Derrick and his pitch, I'm open to arguments.

Either way, another surreal moment in what has been a surreal week which was provided by a surreal team. It quite literally doesn't get much better than this, so make sure you soak all of this shit in.