Paige VanZant is Trolling Us With This Slap Video, Right?

I don't know a lot about Paige VanZant. I don't know much about the MMA. But I do think I have a pretty good grasp on what a hard slap looks like. If this is what Paige VanZant, who will be competing for the first time in Power Slap 8 this weekend in Las Vegas, is bringing to the table then somebody has to step in and put a stop to this.

But that's not her best slap right? It can't be. Tell me I'm an idiot for even entertaining the idea that it is. She must be working on her technique. But the way her trainer is hyping her up implies that we're supposed to be impressed by that. The way she looks at him and says, "That was pretty good.", like she just made that dummy more than wobble ever so slightly makes me think that was supposed to be her A+ effort.

I'm sorry Paige, but I am person with eyes. That slap was in fact, not pretty good. So the only other option is that they're trolling us. Or her and her trainer are sandbagging the competition. They want people to think Paige VanZant is going to walk in there and give a playful fake slap/cheek pat like a pimp does to his bottom bitch after a night of good earning. But in reality she's actually a stone cold killer who slaps at least 5x harder than what we saw in that video. Or is that video some sort of optical illusion? Does the angle of the camera cause her slap to look like it would in fact hurt her hand far more than it would hurt my face? I've watched this video no less than 100x trying like the more I watch I'm going to see something different, and I'm pretty sure it's just a weak ass slap. Luckily her opponent doesn't necessarily seem like a world beater, but based on the highlight I found of her she sure as hell slaps harder than that (she's the girl who gets knocked the fuck out)

Robbie blogged this the other day when it was announced that Paige would be power slapping this coming weekend. He seems to be under the impression that she will be slapping powerfully. But as an unbiased observed who watched that video of her trainer looking me dead in the camera lens telling me that was slap was something "different"... I'm worried about the girl. 

Additional question: Why is she doing this? I know she's not in the UFC anymore. And I'm sure Dana White is paying her more than the average female power slappers. But with 3.1M Instagram followers and an OnlyFans where I'm sure she can make thousands of dollars at the drop of a hat, why would she subject herself to this? You don't have to do this Paige. I promise you don't.