This Is The Greatest Catch Of A Foul Ball That You Will Ever See In Your Life

Give this fan a contract, seriously. I say this with 0 exaggeration, this is the best catch of a foul ball you will ever see. He's by himself up there in the 300s during Orioles - Guardians, just him, a stroller, a drink and his phone. Looks like he's trying to get some quiet time, get the baby to fall asleep and watch the game from an awesome view without bothering anyone else. Next thing you know there is a ball screaming towards you. No worries, just Odell that ball. One hand, full extension, leaning over the railing. 

It's an incredible play, I mean what are the chances that ball is hit directly to him? Barehanded with a drink and a phone in the other hand, maybe the most impressive thing I've seen in all my years going to Camden Yards. I mean when you go up there you don't think that is a seat where you can catch a foul ball but this is why you stay ready. This is a legit Sportscaster Top 10 play. And the fact that it was all captured on video too, usually a fly ball goes that foul they stop showing it, but this guy got his moment in the sun. He'll walk into work tomorrow like a king. 

"You see that shit Brett? Yup, barehanded."

What a beast. Incredible catch by this dad who was just looking for some quiet for his little one. Dad of the year. I also enjoyed that he had the wherewithal to celebrate it. He knew people were watching, he knew he was the star of that play. Hit Camden with a little "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!". Have a day my friend.