Apparently The Bears Are Back In On An Arlington Heights Deal

Round and round we go. Apparently Kevin Warren wanted the Arlington deal all along. Treated Mayor Brandon Johnson like a stooge. A stool pigeon. Arlington Heights school board apparently took the bait and cracked under the pressure of losing the Bears. I will say...I am absolutely fucking sick and tired of this story. Just get it done already. Break ground. Build a stadium that isn't an absolute nightmare to get out of. Yes, I did have a rickshaw bike guy charge me $140 to go one mile after the Billy Joel concert last Friday so I am a little saltier than usual. Yes, the concession lines at Soldier Field almost made me miss "Vienna" because the lines were so crazy. I am ready to be DONE with Soldier Field and start fresh anywhere. If Arlington is easier then so be it. 

I did love the look of the proposal on the Lake front

I did always assume that Chicago being Chicago we'd find a way to fuck it up. You can't fuck up something that was never real. The Bears paid for someone to make a sim-stadium and that was enough to get Arlington back to the table. Put something in ink. Break ground. New QB. New stadium. New era.