Conor McGregor Wants To Know If We've Located The Hawk Tuah Girl Yet (We Have)

Today in MMA news: Conor McGregor wants eyes on the Hawk Tuah girl. 

Why? Who knows!

The Champ Champ is just curious as to whether or not we've located the girl behind the internet's most recent viral sensation....

....and don't worry - we have. We've got her, folks.

The 'Hawk Tuah' girl is named Hailey Welch, she lives in Nashville (no duh), and she's already selling merch with her famous catchphrase on it....

There's a lotta people joking about this girl's dad seeing the video and being ashamed forever, but I think the first once the first merch check clears all will be forgiven. Hawk Tuah has major Harambe 2024 potential.

Conor McGregor was out in Dublin this weekend at the Bellator fights, where he cornered SBG teammate Sinead Kavanagh - and he provided an update on his gruesome pinky toe injury….

McGregor claims the injury happened due to a "lack of concentration" on his end, but that's probably just the Champ Champ being hard on himself; he's his own worst critic, after all. He also says that August/September are being targeting for his return now, though I've heard it's looking more and more like early October will be when we actually see him get back in the cage.

Oh, and for any armchair podiatrists who think this excruciating injury wasn't worth pulling out of the fight for, please listen to this doctor explain it….


If you're not really a doctors/science guy, listen to it explained by an even more trusted source: Joe Rogan….

This was a really dumb blog, yes, but it's a slow news day and "Hawk Tuah" memes absolutely dominated my timeline over the weekend, so I figured I'd steal some clicks with my headline and share a few of the funnier ones with the class….