MMA Fighter Proposes To Girlfriend In The Ring Following A Loss, You'll Never Guess What Happens Next

What cliche commentary can I even add to this video that hasn't been said 1 million times before. Whenever a video of a man being denied a proposal goes viral on the internet, we all think the same things. But I will say, this one has a little extra juice. So I'm just going to keep it simple run down the list of craziest things about this particular failed proposal.

He didn't know for 100% certain that she was going to say yes
No matter how bad the setting, how cheap the ring, or how insanely cheesy/gimmicky the proposal may be, the fact that there are still men out there in 2024 willing to pop the question without knowing for a stone cold fact that the answer will always be the craziest thing to me. Even if it's in the privacy of your own home. How do you get to that point? A proposal should barely even be a surprise. I can't even imagine spending money on a ring unless she's already picked it out herself. It's psychotic behavior.

The fight was after a loss
Proposing at a sporting event is widely frowned upon if you're a fan, but proposals on the field of play after a big game if you actually played in the game can work. But you have to win. Maybe in other sports you can get away with doing it post-loss. If it's the last game of your career and your girlfriend has been by your side the whole time, and you've been planning to settle down once your playing days are over, then maybe that plays. But not in MMA. Not following a hand-to-hand combat loss. It's one thing to lose a team sport like football or basketball where the loss isn't entirely on your shoulders. But after she just watched you lose a fight? She doesn't want her marriage proposal associated with a guy who just got his ass kicked (and is still bleeding from it).

It was a 2 vs 1 fight... he was on the team of 2
Not only did Lukas Bukavoz lose in the ring to another man. He lost to another man, while having the help of another man.


They fought back-to-back, not at the same time. Which I guess makes it a little bit better. But still. Imagine thinking after that series of events that now is the time to propose. The man who beat them barely seems to have broken a sweat. Like he was Steven Segal taking down a herd of aikido students. 

And in case you were wondering, yes, the Clash of Stars official Instagram account did rub salt in the would by posting Lukas Bukavoz's failed proposal as well.

He had recently cheated on her

NY Post - While the in-ring announcer awkwardly held the microphone, she said, “Based on everything that’s happened, I think probably not,” while the crowd erupted into boos. “I don’t think so.”

His girlfriend further explained that the reason for the no is that he had recently been found to be unfaithful to her, although Bukovaz denied the accusation. 

For some reason, a lot of guys seem to think when things aren't going great in a relationship, that if they come way over the top with a proposal it will somehow everything. Like you can temporarily blind her with your love and commitment, and that will make all of the dumb shit you've recently done disappear because you're now in front of her on one knee confessing your dying love. I suppose that might work sometimes, but in general, if you ever find yourself proposing as a last ditch effort, it's almost certainly a bad idea.

He had just recently died his hair pink
I don't know what this girl is like. She actually strikes me as a girl who is into the pink hair thing. Maybe he even did it at her request. But looking through the man's Instagram account, he appears to have never had pink hair before in his life. I feel like most girls don't want their fiancé rocking a wacky hairstyle in their proposal photos. They also would probably prefer you have a shirt on and aren't bleeding from the face. 

The trainer at the end of the video who sprays her with water
God bless that girl. A whole arena of MMA fans booing you. Some crazy Eastern Eurpoen fight trainer throwing liquids at you. That's a hostile environment. 

She didn't just say yes
The balls on her to not just say yes and break his heart later. I truly feel like if I were a girl and a boyfriend who I did not really want to be with proposed to me, I might just say yes then marry and spend the rest of my life with him out of sheer awkwardness. I definitely wouldn't say no in the center of a ring in a packed stadium. Just say yes, take some pictures, let him buy you drinks all night, then the next morning be like, "Hey you fucking moron you know we can't get married right?"


Either that or just roll with the proposal for a few weeks, then break up with him when things have died down. Anything but saying no right then and there.

What a poor, dumb man. Hopefully that turns out to be the worst night of his life. Although at least he'll probably get a redemption fight out of this. I'm not sure what his standing is with this Clash of The Stars fighting league, but I have to think if he was just on the wrong end of a 2 vs 1 match that he's not one of the heavy hitters. But getting denied in the ring afterwards and producing what's probably the most viral moment in the history of their organization, that should at least get him one more shot in the ring.