Man Of The People: Ludacris Showed Up To A Market Hall In Milwaukee And Gave Fans A Surprise, Free Concert

[Source] - In Today's Talker — He might not have hit the stage at Tacos and Tequila Fest in Franklin, but rapper Ludacris still put on a show in Milwaukee.

Ludacris was set to play the Tacos and Tequila Festival stage in Franklin, but the concert was canceled due to weather concerns right before he was set to go out.

Hell yeah, this is how you handle some bad weather and a concert getting canceled. You don't just move on to the next city. You don't start worrying about taping Fast and Furious 11 (can't wait). You go to a local mall and you play your jams for anyone and everyone that shows up. Respect the move, even if those before him have done the same thing. It's a simple move that always gets play and praise. No-brainer if you get something canceled. Plus, it gives me a reason to link one of my favorite stories - Clem seeing DMX: 

Part of me always forgets just how long Ludacris has been around. We were playing his music when I was in high school - I'm now a 37-year old father of two. We still play his music. That's longevity like you read about. Hell, Area Codes was part of Bad Boys 2 soundtrack. We're onto Bad Boys 5 this summer I believe. Again, just ridiculous how many songs/how long he's been around. He could have called it a wrap in Milwaukee, nope, he goes to a mall. 

That said, fucking hilarious to see Ludacris doing anything in front of a blinking gluten free sign. Nothing screams Ludacris show like letting you know you can get some gluten free bread right over here. I want it on record that gluten free food sucks. Give me all the gluten. I know I'm off topic but had to say it after seeing that sign. All I know is this is an A+ move. More people should give random concerts in malls and market halls. Bring back the glory days of walking around the mall aimlessly thinking it was cool and then toss in a free show out of nowhere.