Brian Scalabrine Suggested That The Celtics Have Pretty Much Banned Kendrick Perkins

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Safe to say it's been a whirlwind these last 7 days. This time last week we were all trying to keep our composure as the Celts prepared for Game 5 of the NBA Finals with a chance to become immortal and stamped themselves in NBA and Celtics history forever. 

I'm not sure if you were aware, but they did just that in dominant fashion

Then came Friday, where the city of Boston showed exactly why things are in fact #DifferentHere with one of the greatest parades of all time. It was a time for fans, current players, and Celtics legends to all come together and celebrate a moment that was 16 years in the making

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But as we would learn, this open-door policy with the franchise is not for everyone. One would think that if you were a part of a previous title team you would be cemented as a legend within the franchise for the rest of your life, but according to Scal, that's not exactly the case.


You may have noticed that of all the legends that showed up for Game 5 and everything that happened with the team over the rest of the week was missing someone like Perk, who was a member of course of that 2008 team. So why did the franchise essentially follow the lead of Jaylen Brown when it comes to this stuff?

I wonder why..


You get the idea. And listen, Perk has been handsomely rewarded for doing stuff like this on ESPN for the last few years, and while I have no idea if he was actually banned from the parade by the team or had other commitments so he couldn't attend, I also don't think Scal is going to just make stuff like that up out of the blue. 

And while I'll always be thankful for Perk for his role in the 2008 title and truly believe if he doesn't tear his ACL in 2010 the Celts win that one too, I also am a firm believer in actions have consequences. You can't be one of the loudest in the room when it comes to trashing the Celts, their coach, their best players, etc all in the name of rage engagement, and then think the team isn't going to do something about it once they reach the top of the mountain. There's a difference between being critical when warranted and then what we tend to get with Perk when it comes to the Celtics, and really the whole situation reminds me of this

Ever since the final buzzer sounded and the 2024 Celts became champs, it's been their turn to drop the hammer and be petty as shit. Jaylen Brown with his shot at Stephen A. Tatum and his shots at the little brother Heat, that's arguably the best part of being a champ. Winners talk, and losers are forced to listen. If you don't like it, beat them. The problem was, nobody could.

While it's unfortunate, there's a part of me that respects the franchise for making it clear that if you weren't riding with this team during their journey then you don't get to enjoy the party once they've reached the ultimate goal. That's the type of grudge holding I think anyone should be able to respect, and by law as the champ you make the rules. 

Let this be a reminder to any of these talking heads that want to follow this same formula, be prepared. The Celts are always watching