Sad Times: The Brits Are Freaking Out Because Birmingham City (Tom Brady's Club) Wanted To Play A League One Match Against Wrexham In The US

We got ourselves a good old fashioned 'what happened to the game I love' caption contest here. A whole lot of Brits are pissed off that Birmingham City dared to grow the game by playing a League One match here in the US. Fine. That's fair. But can we agree to stop putting NFL games in London then? You want to grow the game over there, you find better football players and leave the Jags in Jacksonville, where they belong. Last time I checked those games count the same as a League One match. 

I get it. I understand the whole working class, soccer is for them not the rich, etc. But come on, everyone knows it's a business. You want to see a shit ton of money, you play this game in Boston. It'll be a home game for Birmingham City if you play it in Boston? You don't think every single Pats fan will show up to support Tom Brady, even if he's just a minority investor in the club? It will be a sellout and selfishly we'll all like here in the States. I also know people hate Wrexham for the whole Hollywood bit. Guess what? It's been working so far! Two promotions in two years make it hard to argue against. 

Now, like I said, fair is fair. I've seen too many stories about the NFL and London wanting a Super Bowl there. That will be the true end of times. I know the Super Bowl is probably the least fan friendly event in all of sports but it's time we put our foot down to Roger and overseas games. The Super Bowl belongs in Vegas, New Orleans and really that's about it. Plus, I'm all for pissing off the Brits when it comes to soccer. They can't beat us, they can only tie us. Now we're gonna take one of your matches over here.