Get The Adrenaline Flowing: US Runner Kendall Ellis Got Locked In A Bathroom Before Her Race, Ran Her Best Time Ever To Qualify For The Olympics

I always wonder how these top tier athletes shake some nerves before the biggest race of their lives. You need to qualify for the Olympic team, one bad run and you're out. That simple. Everyone is human, we've seen the top of the top screw up something that seems so easy. But now I know, you get the adrenaline flowing by getting locked in the bathroom before your race. You don't even worry about a race, you just worry about survival. Yeah, I said survival. You get locked in a room one time and see how quick you panic. 

There's only one thing to do now if you're Kendall Ellis. You get locked in a bathroom before every race. That's how you bring home a gold medal. If you don't think being locked in the bathroom was tied to her running a personal best you simply don't understand sports. You have to be superstitious to be a star, doesn't even matter the sport. There's a reason hockey players grow out the playoff beard. There's a reason MJ wore the same stuff all the time. You need that routine to shake the nerves and do shit like this. 

I'll keep saying it, I love the summer Olympics and dumb stories like this. It's the one time we all get to cheer for the red, white and blue. It's the one time we get to remind everyone we're better than them at sports. All these dumb takes like the NBA champ isn't a world champ because they don't play teams from Europe? Fine. Our country will just beat your best 12 by 40 to prove a point. So shout out Kendall Ellis, you get locked in a bathroom and qualify for the Olympics, you deserve it. But now you gotta keep doing it, rules are rules here.