It Appears Dave Grohl Has A Death Wish After He Fired A Shot Straight Across Taylor Swift's Bow At A Live Show In London This Weekend, Alleging She Doesn't Actually Perform Live

I fucking love Dave Grohl. Everybody loves Dave Grohl. One of the most talented musicians of our lifetime. Guy plays 100 different instruments. And plays them damn well. If you've ever been to a Foo Fighters show you know he leaves it all out on the stage, every damn time. (I've never seen somebody be able to scream at the top of their lungs for 2+ hours straight and still have a voice. That alone blows my mind every time.) But aside from all that, Grohl is the man. 

He's always giving back and taking care of people, doing shit like this out of the kindness of his heart


and this 

(He's a big bbq guy. Loves to cook and smoke meat. Gotta love that.)

and this

All around good guy right?

But also, certified lunatic. 

Do you know how fucking crazy you have to be to take a direct shot at Taylor Swift in the year 2024? 

Good God man. I respect it, but at the same time, what the hell are you thinking? 

Ten years ago, Taylor was upper middle echelon and was actually open to criticism. You remember Kim, and Kanye, and Courtney Love, and Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato, and Jared Leto, and John Mayer, and even Michael J. Fox. All these people had no qualms about speaking up about Taylor Swift the artist back in the day. 

But today? 

No fuckin way, Jose. 

You've got every loon and people who thought she was corny as fuck ten years ago going above and beyond to outdo each other to profess their love for her. It's like some weird sickness or badge of honor as to who can worship her the most. 

And if people think stoolies, or Beyonce fans are bad at making people's lives miserable on social media and the internet, then just wait til this plays out for The Foo Fighters and Dave over this next week. 

To put it bluntly, her true fans, of which there are millions, are fucking psychotic. They will attack with a force that the world hasn't seen since Genghis Khan's Mongol hordes wreaked havoc. 

I think we're about to see fireworks we haven't seen in a while and that includes the pussification of rap beefs which just occurred between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. 


(Update - Drake is playing Kendrick's kill-shot at him at his live shows now for some reason?)

I love Dave Grohl, but I love Taylor Swift also. And I gotta say, as somebody that's seen her live her last 4 tours, (and that was given a personal backstage tour by her wonderful mother Andrea)

I can unequivocally say Taylor Swift plays her own instruments and sings at her own shows. Her mom made it a point to showcase all her different guitars, pedals, and mention how finely everything is always tuned because of how particular she is. 

Yah, there are "tv tracks" that artists use when performing which fill for background vocals, and harmonies that you can only get from a studio recording, but every band and every artist uses those. So you can't kill Taylor for doing the same. 

And for anyone who's been to one of her shows, I think you'd concur that she's not up there lip syncing. The 1989 Tour was a perfect example when she'd do that routine every time she played "Blank Space" where she'd sing the name of the city they were in, she'd then bang her cane on this metal pipe, and the sound engineer would record it and loop it back into the song as the beat would build. That was different and custom for every single show. 

Not to mention, she has a six-piece band and four backup singers. 

Again, love Dave, and love the Foo Fighters, but I think he's on his own on this one. Including two stud guitarists in Max Bernstein, and Paul Sidoti. 


Two guys with enough tenure in the live music game that I would venture to guess Dave Grohl knows and greatly respects. 

But who caught ricochet shots here. Which makes the whole thing even more crazy. 

My prediction for Dave?