Asshole Protestors Take Over The 18th Green At The Travelers, Try To Disrupt Scottie's Winning Putt And Get Bundled By Cops

What the fuck man? I'm very anti-protesting in any manner, let alone sports. You can't be interrupting Scottie on a winning putt. Look at what it means. 

Now unlike certain co-workers (not naming names) I won't argue against Dave sending me places. I'm the team, the team, the team. If Dave needs to win a bet and I get to see my favorite golfer in person so be it. But I would never, NEVER, do this. Mark my word. There's a time and place. Protests don't belong on the 18th for a winning putt. Understand the moment people. We're not trying to talk shit, but sports is about beating those against you. Not those running on the green. 

That said, how nervous do we think Scottie was seeing cops? That man is the bad boy of golf. This is mental warfare at its finest. You can't have cops surrounding Scottie when he's doing nothing but trying to play golf. This is why people made fun of Valhalla and Louisville. The man can't escape cops. 

We all know how brutal putting is on a random ass 18, let alone for another PGA win. Let the man read a line! This is uncalled for and quite frankly assholes all around.