FACTS ONLY: The Phillies 5th Starter Is Most Likely Better Than Your Team's Ace

Meet Chrisopher Alexis Sánchez , the Philadelphia Phillies 5th starter coming into the 2024 season. A prospect that was signed by the Rays (those guys don't freaking miss) in 2013 for $65K and was traded to the Phillies in exchange for Curtis Mead in the 2019 offseason. Sanchez been with the team since his call up in '21 and, for the most part, has been the definition of backend of the rotation consistency. 

Is he a sure fire Ace talent the likes of Doc Halladay in his prime? Of course not. But the numbers and ball don't lie, especially this season. All of which led the Phillies before the weekend signing Christopher Snachez to a much deserved (and very team friendly) contract extension: 

Great story. Greater dude. Greatest vibes. 

So how does Christopher Sanchez repay the Philadelphia Phillies for their genorisity? He takes the bump and absolutely shoves in his first start since getting locked down in Philly: 

Just incredible. We obviously talk about the 4 Aces from 2011 or even in '93 when all 5 starters had over 12+ wins each (Remember Ben Rivera? Me neither.). But this staff might just end up being the best The Fightins have ever put out. The Phillies have the best ERA in baseball and own the Top 3 spots for starters in the NL. That's amazing. We're almost halfway through the season and it's getting to the point where it's no longer a flash in the pan. This…this is something special. 


Best record in baseball, too. JT is out for a hot minute but other than that (and an unfortunate Taijuan Walker return to the 15-day IL) this squad will be ready to absolutely roll in the 2nd half of the season. And that's not even mentioning how batshit Dombrowski may go at the trade deadline. EVERYONE (besides Andrew Painter) should be on notice. Kyle Tucker? Luis Robert? Randy Arozenona? A large and in charge outfield stick will coming into this lineup for Red October. Be ready. 

Go Phils. Buy all the shirts. And more.