There's a New Guy Atop American Men's Tennis And His Name Is Tommy Paul

Luke Walker. Getty Images.

Sick moment for Tommy Paul today as he won the biggest title of his career over in London, while also passing Taylor Fritz in the world rankings to become the new American no. 1. Fritz had a strangle hold on that title for a little while now, but Tommy's rise in his game finally allowed him to leapfrog. 

No it's not Wimbledon, but hey this is a tournament that Carlos Alcaraz won last year. Tommy had to take out the red-hot British no. 1 Jack Draper and fellow American Seb Korda to get to the final. Once there it was a straight sets dub over the Italian Musetti to hoist the trophy. A gigantic trophy at that. 

Clive Brunskill. Getty Images.

And who would that female companion be by his side? His girlfriend Paige Lorenze. 

She's going a bit viral for this moment at the net after the match. Awkward is certainly a word I'd use here. Let's not hurt Tommy's neck please, Wimbledon is right around the corner. 

Tommy Paul going from Kiki Passo…


 to Paige Lorenze is elite work. 


Really shoulda been a professional tennis player. Just gotta tip your cap to a man who has life by the balls right now. Awesome fella as well. Came into our office before the US Open a couple years ago and played us all in ping pong for a few hours. Still have no idea where that footage went because it somehow never saw the light of day. He was ranked in the 50s around then and has worked himself all the way up to number 12 in the world. You wanna talk about elite speed and endurance? That's Tommy's bread and butter. Took a little bit for him to stay focused on the game, but his coach Brad Stine has done wonders for him. This is a man no one wants to face in their draw on grass right now. How about a deep run at Wimbledon in a week?