We Finally Saw It Happen - The Rockies Walked Off The Nationals Last Night Due To A Pitch-Clock Violation

We knew it would happen, I was just a matter of time. We finally got to see a game end on a pitch-clock violation and of course it was the Nationals who gifted it to us. 

The ump was itching to call that too. He knew he could become the first umpire EVER to call a pitch-clock violation to end a game. Now he's able to add that title to his wikipedia page, I'm happy for him. I'm sure they knew that Finnegan is the MLB leader in pitch-clock violations and they were on the lookout for it as well, but is this really how you want to decide a game? 

Every little kid practices this in the backyard while growing up. Same situation....but it never ends in a pitch-clock violation. You always hit a walk off grand slam. Luckily the Rockies didn't need that and they only needed Hunter Wendelstedt to stand up and tap his wrist for the game to end. 

So wild that THIS is what it has come to in baseball. Of course the Rockies won't complain but this isn't baseball. It's just not. Maybe I'm old school but this is such a dirty, filthy way to win a game. Me personally, I'd like to see it settled on the field with the players, not a clock. 

I am surprised it took this long to see a walk-off this way, basically a year and a half to get our first one, now I just can't wait to see one in the playoffs. THAT will for sure get people fired up. I get that these rules are to move the game along and get things moving.....but this isn't baseball. I get that Finnegan should have been aware and known what the timer was at, but this isn't baseball. Of course it happened at Coors Field too. They seem to get all the strange stuff out there.