USF Tried To Woo Recruits This Weekend With a Fleet of Awesome Cars on Its Football Field That Looks Like a Prison Yard

In a meeting room, having 20 sick sports cars lined up in the end zone of your football stadium for a big recruiting weekend sounds awesome. This has become a thing for schools recently, I'd assume for not other reason than it looks cool and 17-year-olds love shit that looks cool.

But if you're going to do this in your stadium, it would probably be a good idea to make sure your stadium's grass doesn't look like the municipal golf course in a bad part of town.

I've seen Floridians online say that USF has no control over Raymond James Stadium because it's owned by Hillsborough County and the Bulls aren't even the primary tenant there, which is kind of the point. I'm sure USF spins it to recruits as, "Look how awesome this is that you get to play in an NFL stadium," but that's not actually an attractive draw. College football is at its best when it's played in college stadiums, not in front of 13,000 people at a stadium where you can see an NFL team's midfield and end zone logos underneath a half-assed paint job over them.

If you want to have kids look at an impressive fleet of cars that you rented for one day and serve no real purpose, line them up leading into the facility like Texas did — especially if your field doesn't have grass on it.

Let me say about USF, though, that I think Alex Golesh is going to be a very hot head coaching candidate in the next year or two and the Bulls are my dark horse pick to be the Group of Five representative in the College Football Playoff this season. Just put some grass seed down.