Shara Magomedov (AKA The One Eyed Pirate) Keeps His 13-0 Undefeated Record Alive With A Knockout

Shara "Bullet" Magomedov (aka the One Eyed Pirate) picked up another UFC win today in Saudi Arabia, against the short-notice Antonio Trocoli - bringing his professional record to a perfect 13-0 - but unfortunately this one was nothing to write home about in my eyes. Trocoli came in on just a couple days notice, and clearly wasn't in fight shape as he gassed very quickly, so it just felt like we were waiting for the inevitable to happen the whole time - and it happened before too long.

Everything about this pirate guy from his bizarre look to the fact that he's a Magomedov who actually just throws hands makes me want to like him and cheer for him, even if it's a bit ironically - but I just can't. 

It seems like he sucks as a human being from these two incidents....

First one is kinda whatever, he's a sore loser and lost his temper at a jiu jitsu tournament. Shitty but it happens. 

Getting into a fight with someone because you witnessed a random couple kissing in public and didn't like it, and then waiting behind a corner to suckerpunch that person later on is the biggest loser shit I've ever seen. Stomping the guy's head in after you've already knocked him out is psychotic attempted murder and I don't know why he's not in prison for that. 

So consider me captain of the Shara Hate Club. Feed him to Bo Nickal please.