Rock, Flag And Eagle: Michael Phelps Is Begging USA To Destroy Every Single Australian Swimmer At The Olympics After Hearing Them Try To Talk Shit

Do I care that this is probably juiced up a bit for some Olympic promo? No. Because Michael Phelps is a lunatic who will destroy anyone in a pool if they try this. 

I mean if we're being honest Phelps should unretire again and come back for one more run. He's gotta be able to win a gold medal in something in the pool still. I love the Olympics because every 2 years, the world is reminded that we're the best at sports and will be annoying about it. That's the American way! We should be annoying, we should be telling the world we're the best. I don't care if it's swimming, basketball, the decathalon, whatever. The whole motto for America should be 'I don't know anything about Angola, but I know Angola is in trouble.' Chuck, not shockingly, had it right in 1992. 

I gotta admit, I do love the Summer Olympics. And every 4 years I get to sit back and go nuts for some American swimmer dominating. It's why I do know about the whole Australia/USA rivalry in the pool. 

All this also reminded me of one of the greatest moment in American sports history. 

Bum Australian team couldn't even finish 2nd and weren't even the story. Rivalry over. USA baby! Look, all I know is if Michael Phelps is going to get a little jacked up listening to Australia talk some shit about being happy not hearing our anthem and cowbells and stuff, this should be played through the Olympics. Time to remind the world we're the best at this too.