Paige VanZant Will Make Her POWER SLAP Debut Next Week

The UFC is live right now with some afternoon fights from Saudi Arabia, and they just announced on the broadcast that former Strawweight/Flyweight Paige VanZant will be making her POWER SLAP debut on Friday! 

That's right - THIS FRIDAY, on the International Fight Week card!

What a wild past few years for VanZant in her post-UFC career - from becoming an OnlyFans superstar (recapped on OnlyStans with Glenard Balls) to making her bare knuckle boxing debut to showing up and wrestling on AEW television to getting involved in Misfits Boxing to now - Power Slapping! It honestly seems like she's doing all of this just for fun, as well, because there's simply no way she needs the money post-OnlyFans. So good on her - just constantly out to prove that she's one tough motherfucker, and more than meets the eye.

She doesn't want you to forget that this person....

….is also THIS person….

Alex Menendez. Getty Images.

We'll see if Power Slap is the newest avenue she takes over on Friday, and I'll be there!