Nobody Is Down Worse Than Nicholas J Smokes Right Now


ICYMI, Dave wins another million dollars if the Oilers win the Cup. The Oil were down 3-0 in the series to the Panthers, and then Nicky Smokes started going to games. When the series became 3-2 Dave sent Nick to Edmonton to root on his beloved Florida Panthers, aka be in the building as a jinx to help Dave win his bet. Anddddddd maybe you're not watching, but the Oilers are dominating the Panthers, currently up 3-0 going into the 3rd.

Nicky is now saying he won't go to game 7....



I hate to break this to you Nicky, but you'll be in Florida and at game 7. Which is a hilarious thing to type as a BAD thing, but that's literally the last place he wants to be for the game. Losing 3 straight with him in the building is bad enough, but being forced to go to game 7, even though your team can literally win the Cup, is downright insane. This is the only situation in history where a fan of the home team in game 7 of the Cup rightfully *doesn't* want to be in attendance. 

But we all know he'll be there.

And the good news? It's only a 13 hour flight with only 2 layovers!

A very funny storyline that of course can only happen to Dave. 

And if you're a Panthers fan, you gotta do anything in your power to keep him out of the building. Kidnapping is very much in play here. Panthers fans should be planning something right now, anything to keep him out.

Good lucky Nick. Don't forget your toothbrush buddy.


PS: The Panthers can still come back and win this game. That's not out of the question. I'm really, reallyyyy hoping they don't though, this story line is making me laugh too much. Plus it would be nice if Dave got a W, he really needs a win.