It Just Means More, Eh?: We Have Folks In Edmonton Driving A Zamboni To Game 6

If we're being honest, there should probably always be a Canadian team in the Stanley Cup Final. Don't get me wrong--I love that Canada hasn't won a Cup since Justin Bieber has been born just as much as the next guy. But maybe the new way we should do this thing is we have an American division and a Canadian division. Because this right here is just something you don't get in a Florida vs Vegas matchup in the Cup Final. 

It just means more in Canada. Most people in Florida have probably never even seen a Zamboni before. But in Edmonton, you learn how to drive one before you even learn your multiplication tables. Poutine, ketchup chips, and personal Zambonis. All things that Canadians have been gatekeeping from Americans. 

They deserve to have this game 6. No matter what happens tonight, it's the last NHL game to take place on Canadian soil this season. Those goofy little canuck bastards are going to take full advantage of it. Leave nothing on the table. And neither is our good friend, RearAd. 

Single Rear!!! You dawg!