The Royal Rumble Case Race Was A Beautiful Blend Of Chaos, Wrestling, And Beers. Lots Of Beers.

We taped our Royal Rumble Case Race on Wednesday night and it was so much fun. The rules were clear. We split into two teams of eight. Four Yak hosts on each team with Brandon as the referee and four special Yak guests on each team. 

We also had a great equalizer named Ronny Doitche who would be called in if needed.


Titus & I were selected as the first competitors and boy did Mark put on a show.

Kate's intro was so funny but she was all business when she got to chugging.

With blue out to an early lead, Big Cat came in to crush some skulls and chug some brews.


But Dana Beers also made a legendary entrance for the blue team and then attacked referee Brandon Walker hitting him with the Macho Man's signature elbow drop!

PFT also came in with his hair on fire as X-PAC.

But we had to bring in Doitche as one point.

Big Cat unfortunately had to bow out after this totally bullshit call by referee Brandon. IT WAS ONLY A SNEEZE!


Titus ended up going wire to wire in a truly legendary performance.

We then had to get Spider in a balloon.

We did end up getting Spider in a balloon to finish the case race.

And we concluded the show by dropping our new, slightly overdue Yak logo.


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