Special Whistle: Angel Reese Gets Away With An EGREGIOUS Double Quadruple Dribble

I've written about Caitlin Clark and Angel Reese a ton on this blog, and consistently said that I think the hate is a bit overdrawn and people are turning it into something it isn't. That's just how Twitter works when it comes to sports and debating. And regardless of what you think of Reese, it's time to give her some flowers after becoming the first rookie to record seven straight double-doubles:

But the point of this blog, and the video above, is maybe one of the most egregious dribbles that I've ever seen to where I legitimately had to make up a word and call it a double quadruple dribble. I'm not even sure that you see that type of movement in a 2nd grader match or the CYO league that Rico used to referee in. And that isn't to discredit Reese, she had a brainfart of a moment and is still a hell of an athlete and clearly transitioning well into the league. You can find a video (albeit maybe not this blatant) in any league showing stuff like this, but this one comes with a little context.

The irony here of course is that it comes 5 days after Reese said that she guesses that some players get a special whistle:

And that's what Twitter is gonna run wild with. Dave is too busy at the Celtics parade but I think he would have tweeted this video 14 times by now if he knew it existed. And for what it's worth, I love the phrase "I guess some people got a special whistle". It rolls off the tongue and unfortunately it came back to bite her in record time. I'm still team inject all this WNBA content into my veins this summer though. This league!