Conor McGregor Reveals Gruesome Images Of Broken Pinky Toe - Proving The Haters (And Losers) Wrong

After having his name dragged through the mud these past few weeks, and hearing every rumor under the sun about why he was forced to back out of the UFC 303 main event against Michael Chandler - including Chael Sonnen falsely accusing Conor McGregor of being in rehab for drugs and alcohol....

....Conor McGregor has finally revealed the culprit, and it's not for the feint of heart, folks. 

"The Notorious" posted some GRUESOME, near-NSFW images of a broken (SHATTERED) pinky toe on his left foot, along with the caption, "Chael shut your pie hole, hoe. You tap from ground and pound."

Giphy Images.

McGregor then followed that up with a message to the haters (and losers) that are complaining that he is ruining Michael Chandler's career by dragging this process out....


Two things:

1. I can't believe McGregor tried to fight through that injury. What a fucking warrior. Everyone knows a broken pinky toe is one of the most painful injuries a human being can sustain - and it also throws off your balance and equilibrium completely. Most people can't walk on a pinky toe with even a hairline fracture, let alone that completely destroyed bone shown in McGregor's x-ray. You need AT LEAST another month of recovery there - bare minimum. 

2. I'm ready to run through a wall for McGregor again after those next few tweets. He's the One. Acknowledge him. 

Michael Chandler should be happy he now has even more time to prepare. Destiny still arrives, though, and The Terminator will always be back!