Talkin Soccer - Tim Weah Knows He's Part Of The USMNT Golden Generation, But They Can't Fuck Up Copa America Or It's All Pointless

Quick break from parade day to talk about a team that everyone should be united on. Also there's nothing else going on besides Euros so I want to talk about the USA. Rock, flag and eagle baby. We're a couple days away from Copa America starting (everyone knows a tournament doesn't start until America plays) and it's one of the most important tournaments I can remember. 

Why? Simple really. This answer from Tim Weah. This is one of the few, if not only, times one of these guys have acknowledged the golden generation talk. It's the most talent we've had, no doubt. We did just fine at the last World Cup. Advanced before losing, small steps with a young group. But that can't be it. You can't celebrate getting out of a group and losing to Netherlands. 

So if this is truly a golden generation you can't fuck up Copa America on home soil. If you do it means one of two things - 1) you fire Gregg Berhalter on the spot, on the field, before he gets in the locker room or 2) this isn't a golden generation. I lean way more toward 1 than 2 considering where these guys are playing club soccer and what we've seen from them. You don't have to win the thing (please win the thing), but you need to beat someone, anyone not named Mexico on a big stage. You gotta make the semifinals. 

Yeah, I wish we had Dest healthy and Adams at full strength. But we can't make excuses. We either gotta stink it up bad enough to get rid of Gregg and trust USSF to make the right decision or be good enough to give us real hope. Weah said it perfectly, we gotta show them we're the golden generation. Beat Bolivia.